Perfect day in Taupo - Taupo Must Do.

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Scottish world-traveler and photographer Ally Mcfarlane experienced the best Taupo has to offer. Here is what Ally wrote about these Taupo Must Do activities, what she describes as a perfect day in Taupo:


Arriving in Taupo, you would be amazed by the number of different activities to do here – the town is packed with options. On my trip I decided to check out Rapids Jet, Skydive Taupo and Sail Barbary to make the most of my time.

My day started at Rapids Jet and immediately I was overwhelmed with the team’s friendliness along with the atmosphere being fun and inviting. I was lucky enough to meet all three owners Rusty, Gazza and James – all top guys, with great banter!

Hopping on board the jet, I was completely mesmerized by the clear blue water of the Waikato river and was so excited to finally get to Jet boat on rapids as this was one of the activities in NZ I had never done before.


Safe to say, I was not disappointed. As soon as the jet stated the driver was so informative telling us interesting facts about the river and also all the movies that have been filmed here including the Hobbit. Upon arriving at the rapids this is when things heated up and the adrenaline was pumping. Over and over again we flew through these white-water rapids each time I enjoyed it more than the last.


Overall this Jet boat is by far one of my favorites in NZ, from the outgoing team to the exhilarating experience and incredible value for money I would recommend this to anyone with a sense of adventure looking to get out their comfort zone and find their sense of adventure.

I headed back into Taupo town and as I finished my coffee the limo pulls over. What a treat! I felt like a star. In only a few minutes I was at Skydive Taupo’s hangar. The guys were very polite and put me to ease straight away. Great vibe, but I was still a bit nervous.

My tandem instructor introduced himself to me – Kieran. He was polite and very professional, and interviewed me before we board the plane. I was still too nervous to know what to say… We jumped on the plane, and the while going up I tried to focus on the spectacular views of the lake and surrounding mountains.

The plane ride was much longer than I thought. Man, we were high! I noticed that time has come when the door opens. I’m at 15,000 feet above the ground and about to jump off a flying aircraft. That is the scariest moment. With my feet dangling off out of the door we swing. There’s only one way out now… and here we go!

What an incredible feeling: free fall at 200km/h for 60 seconds is awesome! Words will never be able to describe the adrenaline rush. I literally forgot that I was falling and just enjoyed the freedom. It felt like I was lying on this invisible air mattress – it doesn’t even feel you’re actually falling. And then the parachute opens, and I took a deep breath, and couldn’t stop smiling. Kieran gave me the steering cords, and I even maneuvered the parachute. The landing was smooth, and all I could think was “I want to do it again!”

I waited to watch my video – the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! I looked so scared and excited at the same time… I will never forget the feeling of happiness!


…well, the day wasn’t over. The Skydive Taupo limo dropped me at the harbor for the cherry on the cake, last activity of the day. I was about to go on Sail Barbary. My adrenaline was peaking by this point as the day had been so action packed so I was really looking forward to sitting back enjoying the beautiful lake and reminiscing about the days events.

The weather was beautiful so being aboard this beautiful sailboat allowed me to really experience what Lake Taupo has to offer as the beauty was just breath-taking.

As we sailed across the lake to the Maori carvings our skipper Jamie informed us of the history and culture behind the rock carvings. By this point I couldn’t wait to see them. When we arrived, I knew I would get some brilliant photo opportunities as the sun beat down on the lake the colors popped and the carvings themselves are quite spectacular.


When we were leaving the carvings to go back to shore Jamie offered us to take the wheel and steer the ship, which may have been one of the highlights for me as it was so much fun and after the full on day I had just experienced this really topped it off.

Arriving back on dry land I couldn’t be happier with the day’s events and activities I had just experienced. Each one completely unique and different, but each with an amazingly friendly team, and effectively run products. I was so impressed and the day really was incredible.

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