Taupo’s best hike conquered!

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Mount Tauhara is a TAUPO MUST DO! 

Taupo is one of the favourite tourist destinations for North Islanders. The beauty of the Great Lake, with the epic views of the Tongariro National Park, the mighty Huka Falls, adrenaline activities such as Skydive Taupo, and also incredible hikes are just some of the reasons!


The best hike in Taupo is by far Mount Tauhara. 

Mount Tauhara is a culturally significant landmark to the local Maoris. It is situated in a private land about 7 minutes drive out of Taupo and boasts fantastic views of the lake and surrounding areas.

Allow 3h to 3:30h for the return trip. Fit and fast people can get up in 1h. In a slower pace you may take up to 1:40h to the summit. 

From the carpark to the summit you’ll walk about 2.5km and find yourself at 1088m above sea level. Quite high, ay?! Due to the elevation, the wind is stronger in the summit and the temperature drops a few degrees, so make sure you bring extra layers – especially in winter months. During hot summer days, the breeze at the top is much needed and refreshing.


You’ll be exposed to the weather in the first 15-20 min, as you’ll be walking up hill through rolling fields. Keep walking, and just before you get into the dense forest look back, the view is already picturesque.

Once you start the ascend, you’ll be mainly hiking up in a narrow steep path enclosed by thick bush. Most of the path was made by the water flow, and the track is not well maintained, so expect high steps onto tree roots, and a few boulders on the way, which makes the hike challenging yet enjoyable.


After about 50-55 minutes you’ll come across a stream way to your left, and right after there’s a newly fallen tree asking to be climbed. If you’re an adventurer: recommended!


You’ll see when you get to the top: the metallic pyramid marks the spot. Don’t waste much time there. Look ahead towards the lake, and you’ll see a few fallen boulders right at the edge of this flat-ish summit. Follow the way to these rocks. It’ll feel a bit too narrow, as you walk through vegetation, but keep going, you’re close to some awesome photo opportunities!

You may even be able to see a Pink plane flying around dropping some people in the air. If you have a great view from the summit of Mount Tauhara, image the views from 15,000ft! Interested? Find out more here! 

Allow 1h to 1:20h for the downhill. Take your time; your knees will appreciate it.

Take at least 1 litre of water per person, snacks, sunscreen and warm layers. No need to carry a heavy bag.

This is what people say about this hike:

“A solid 90-minute walk up, but a huge view at the end. Make sure you walk along the track at the top towards the rocks. Opens up a better view of the lake”

“Fantastic place and a great day out”

Once you get back to your car, drive straight to the lakefront and launch yourself into the crip, refreshing water of the lake. From experience: it’s amazing! For the more adventurous, skydiving would be the cherry on the cake of this perfect day in Taupo.